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Hi, I'm Beth the social media whiz and I'm starting a blog about my new car ♡. I have been working at ALS Autos now for a year! It feels a lot longer though ;) Before ALS I worked in the park home industry doing admin which was fun and provided me with lots of fun stories and lovely people! I have loved working with all the Suzuki cars, and I love the way they are going with the hybrid technology and doing their part for the environment. As I do the social media I am quite involved with sales and servicing as well as Suzuki GB which gives me a good insight to future models and offers coming up, which is perfect because I am a bit nosey. I have been loving bringing ALS into the 21st Century with social media, everyone should be on it (I would say that I am only 20) if you don't follow us you should!

I used to be a Corsa owner, but I thought I wanted a change back in March and after working with Suzuki for while I knew the best car for me would be a Suzuki Swift! Jonathan helped me get the best deal with Suzuki Finance so I went away and thought about it so I could sign on the dotted line. I thought I'd give my 7 top tips when buying a brand-new car (as an inexperienced car buyer).

  1. Make sure you absolutely 100% love that car because you do not want to be 2 months into a finance agreement and want to change it for something else (TEST DRIVE).
  2. Buy from somewhere you trust, look at Facebook, Google and Trust Pilot reviews and ask the company themselves why you should buy from them.
  3. Look at service plans, with a brand-new car servicing is ESSENTIAL and it feels nicer coming out of the bank monthly rather than in one lump sum. Also, service plans often come with money off compared to normal services.
  4. Read about other drivers experiences with your potential new car, there are Facebook groups everywhere for different models of all makes and they tend to be really helpful and informative.
  5. You need to consider money, what deposit could you put down, what figure do you have in mind for your part exchange and what about running costs? All things to think about and know before buying a car.
  6. Don't be picky about colours, insider knowledge here but some dealerships get more of a certain colour than others and if they have a lot of one colour you can often get the car quicker and sometimes cheaper.
  7. Ask about the aftersales department especially when considering a service plan, find out if they can pick your car up from work then drop it back or any sort of alternative transport (ask about any restrictions ie. Age or location) just to make your life easier in the future.

So more about my new lovely Suzuki Swift, I looked at the car sat in the showroom for weeks I was taking pictures of it at the time for deals and social media and I loved it. It is mineral grey and an SZT model so comes with all the mod-cons like Apple CarPlay which is an actual life saver (Siri can do everything), it's got a reversing camera which I obviously don't need as I am an expert driver 😉 and most importantly like all new Suzukis now it is a hybrid which means good for the environment and good for my purse (56.4 combined MPG). The car comes with white trims on the interior but I fancied changing that up a bit so I decided to order some accessories for my new baby, I was looking on the Suzuki website and came across some red trim for the inside which I instantly loved and put on my wish list then I came across a honeycomb grill with again the red trim which I HAD to have (can you tell I'm an only child yet?) I put my order in with John our lovely parts man and arranged for everything to be fitted when it came in! Everything came about a week later and it was all fitted and looks amazing!

I love my little car and love the experience of buying it and making it all my own!

Beth ♡

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